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     When sports fishing I found that the biggest problem I have ran into is what equipment to use and what bait to use. Another huge consideration is when and where you actually plan on going fishing.  The weather, moon stages, barometric pressure, time of day, time of year and species of fish with migratory patterns for each all play factors in if you will hookfish.  I have placed some content on here to help some of the novice in setting more fish while out there getting your fish on.  I have fished all over the United States while in the Navy stationed throughout North America and other countries for over 20 years, I have followed my passion of fishing not only on the lakes and streams but also the jetties and open ocean areas on both coasts.  I hope you gain some useful information that will help you on your voyage through the eyes of a fisherman and Navy veteran.  Enjoy the site and please feel free to leave a comment or suggestion on how we can better serve you, our most valued readers.  And please read the product reviews for recommended sports equipment.  Thank you!